Wedding Gift Bags to Put in Guest Hotel Rooms

Published: 10th March 2009
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If you have guests coming in from out of town to be a part of your wedding, you will surely want to find a great way to say thanks for all of their time and money spent traveling. A Wedding gift bag full of thoughtful and useful gifts put into your guests' hotel room ahead of time is a wonderful way to do this. After a long and possibly stressful day of travel, your guests will appreciate the goodies you put together especially for them.

First things first. Pick the bag or basket you want to use. If you are on a tight budget, consider buying colorful paper bags in bulk or even plain brown bags and decorating them yourself with stickers, markers or stamps. The key to decorating your own bag is to keep it simple. If you try to overcompensate for a plain bag by putting a lot of colorful stickers or decorations, your bag may end up looking cheap or overdone. Just keep the bag simple with colorful names written in nice script or take a hole punch and punch two small holes at the top, threading a simple ribbon through for a beautiful addition.

If you have a larger budget, the sky is the limit. Spend some time online looking through an array of plastic and even fabric bags to use. A basket is also a nice option, but keep in mind that many of your guests will be traveling on an airplane. It defeats the purpose of the "gift" if they do not have the room to take the bag with them!

So, now what goes inside the bag? Something to drink like bottled water or apple juice is a great idea to relieve the weary travelers. Maybe include a healthy snack like pretzels as well. Feel free to indulge a little as well by adding chocolate bars or candies. Many companies will package chocolate bars with personalized messages or names on the label. If you don't want to spend the extra money, however, simply buy candy bars in bulk and create your own label on the computer.

Consider adding a great gift such as wedding themed soap or a personalized wedding CD. In addition to a luxury item, make sure that you include a wedding itinerary and a map of the local area. The first question your guests will start asking is where they need to be and when, then they will want to know exactly how they get there. Directions are a must!

Your guests will appreciate the thought and time you put into their gift bags. Either have the hotel put them into the rooms on the day they arrive or have the front desk pass them out as your guests arrive. It will be a nice treat and a surprise that everyone will love!

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